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Robo-taxis hit the streets of Beijing – albeit a small fleet in a geo-fenced suburb

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It's not often we agree. But it is amazing how many naysayers there are on here.

Just look at the lists of sensors. It will have far more information about its environs than a meat sack with 1-2 forward facing cameras that has to remember to look in its mirrors and glance around.

Okay, it lacks the power to analyse that data. And there'll be situations the first gen tech can't handle. It will screw up, fatally, in ways no human would.* But the technology is constantly improving. And once it's better than the people within limited conditions, then it's makes sense to deploy it.

* On reflection, I'm probably discounting human creatively. No matter what stupid thing an autonomous vehicle does, it would be surprising if one inattentive human being somewhere, hadn't managed the same.

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