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What not to expect when you're expecting: Fertility apps may be selling intimate health secrets

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"then I will orientate my business to maximise my revenues from the ad/referral networks"

I think there's a bit of a difference between putting adverts into apps and passing on people's private details for a quick buck.

Though it's a fine line, I used to like Quick Editor as it did everything I needed with a few annoying full screen adverts that I could tolerate. But since a recent update, it's a full screen (often video) advert (often with a countdown timeout) every two or three autosaves, which if you set the autosave to 1 minute intervals... The dev responded to my comment to assure me that it doesn't happen during editing. He ought to try using his own product, because my "fix" was to revert to a backup of an older version. I'm on the lookout for something similar that understands that forcing adverts while the user is actively typing something is really bad for the concentration and annoying the user isn't going to get everybody thinking "let's buy the ad free one" (because, you know, trust...). It's more likely to result in the user finding an alternative, and writing how your product sucks on some random tech forum... :-)

Seriously, I get the whole advertising revenue thing. I don't agree, but then I don't write apps. As long as it's mostly unobtrusive then we're cool. But when a dev sees those cartoon dollar signs and decides that feeding adverts is more important than the functionality of the app as an app, well, that's when it crosses the line. Sadly, I've been with Android long enough to see this numerous times. Either that, or a formerly popular app is bought out by an outfit that wrecks it by stuffing in loads of adverts and sometimes worse.

[this is, by the way, one of the reasons I disable automatic updates]

However, whether or not there are adverts is a different question to leaking information on whether or not the husband is a bit flaccid...

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