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India approves 5G trials – if they don't use Chinese 5G kit

David Shaw

accidentally using 5G in Milan centre

an iPhone12 with a "4G SIM" suddenly lit up a "5", where the "4" used to be.

So I did a Speedtest and download was 617.9 Mbps. Ping 25 ms.

neat, I think this could be a revolutionary tech, replacing Wi-Fi inside the home, bringing 8K+ TV bandwidth. lots of unexpected uses in the near future, a big opportunity. I can't predict the half of the uses pending from 5G, and I saw TimBL writing his amazing Web.

I don't care which empire produces the tech, I consider myself constantly surveilled anyway. Just keep testing the tech and launch it when appropriate.

Be businesslike, there are risks to overt protectionism, blowback , as it were - so try and do it neutrally, unless there are economic factors that aren't yet clear which really require lawfare/sanctionware/warfare?

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