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I got 220 pages (out of over 600) into Kant's "Critique of Pure reason" before giving up. I told myself I was interested in whether his belief that Euclidean Geometry was the only possible geometry affected the validity of his deductions. I was wrong, my interest was not that strong.

What I actually learnt form CoPR was that Kant found a flaw in Descartes' "I think, therefore I am". In order for Descartes to deduce "I am" he needs to have the concept of existence first, and therefore to have experienced something other than himself thinking.

I strongly believe that philosophers (apart from Nietzsche*) should be read in translation, as someone else has done the hard work of actually finding out what s/he meant, otherwise the translation would never be published. Bernard Williams (authors of "Ethics and the limits of philosophy") needed a much better editor, IMHO.

*In my experience Nietzsche is incomprehensible or annoying in any langauge.

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