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Vodafone building world-girdling hybrid analytics apps capable of slurping 50 terabytes a day

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“more quickly offer its customers new, personalised products and services across multiple markets.”

Bollocks, pure and simple. You don't need umpteen twaddlebytes of data to mindlessly spew meaningless and irrelevant "personalised" advertising.

Let's make a list of all the advantages of personalised bovine excrement:

Telling me where I can buy more of something I've just bought? Nope.

Telling me about suppliers I have used? Nope.

Telling me about stuff I have already looked like and decided not to buy? Nope.

Telling me about stuff a bit like any of the above but not actually like any of them at all? Nope.

Telling me what other people bought after buying what I just looked at? Nope.

Telling me whats "Trending"? Nope

Telling me that People in (close geographical location) are going mad for (dumb item or product that is so shit it can't sell on its own merit)? Nope.

It goes on and on.

Personalised ads are an utter irrelevance. I repeat: an utter irrelevance.

Dear Vodafone

Piss off and die.

Yours with extreme prejudice.

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