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A large part of the problem is that there is no easy way to check and if necessary correct/challenge the veracity of these data sets as they are often held by private corporations. For things like credit reference agencies this can have a huge impact on individuals as you may be filtered out very early in the scoring and never be eligible for funding that you should be eligible for.

Another issue is the data sourcing. For example the aggregators that collect data from multiple sources may be making unjustified assumptions or connections that then trickle through the data sets of all who buy them. Even in cases where you're inputting your own data it is easy to make a mistake occasionally, especially on poorly designed forms, but can sometimes be very difficult to get that mistake corrected. If that data is in many companies and jurisdictions it is virtually impossible. Another even more concerning issue is where data may be collected from social media where people have their guard down and may brag about something that they never did for example, but if that is used in a profile of them it can be very damaging.

And then there is the issue of filtering out choices to narrow your options based on your profile of income and interests etc. It's pretty obvious how embedded that is already in the likes of Google search or FB ads. Essentially a list of who's prepared to pay the most to be at the top of the search results or profiling game wins and any other business are left floundering. So it affects both individual choice and viability of smaller competitive businesses.

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