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Indeed as a long time Reg reader I have been watchig the spread of AI, which I prefer to use the initials to represent Artificial Idiocy.

To date (68 years old) I have met few if any intelligent humans. Sure we all have our moments of blinding common sense, but how many use their innate creativity to solve problems ? Most people dip in a shallow bag of aphorisms, like, this is going to hurt me more than it will you..... and there are plenty more like this still in circulation in the top layers of this so called "democracy".

In a world where there are many variations of the name for anything, what sort of arrogant twat thinks they have th capability to collect data and process it without bias ? Only bossy psychopathic tree climbing capitalist pig dogs need apply ?????

AH well, my old uni is currently running lectures on AI, one of the examples is the fucking ticketing machine system at a large cuntry house near Oxbog, which analyses (annal eyes) sales data so the owners can predict how to rake in more money from the punters........

Say no more........... Artificial what ?????


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