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AI seems to be flavour of the month. There is the article on 'Big Tech' sponsoring research into AI ethics, and the 'AI adventure' game thing creating sexually NSFW responses for those mentioning children or even "4 melons". (Both current el Reg articles.)

I find the problem I have with AI is that when it comes to individual AI systems I have no idea how they work, and frankly, if they are intelligent enough (such as the AI machine that taught itself 'Go' and beat the human world champion) neither do the creators / programmers. Which would scare me a bit if I wasn't already maxed out being scared of Covid, Brexit, global warming, people stealing my pension fund and the possibility of yet another water leak in my flat that means I have to spend even more* on redecorating the downstairs flat's kitchen. (It is ok, I don't live in Downing Street, I am nothing to do with that 'redecoration'.)

Are other el Reg readers worried about AI and whether anyone actually understands it well enough to know what it is doing?

*I've just been billed for £300 (invoice 'INV0001' not a vat receipt as the 'builder' does not qualify for vat) for 'work including materials'.

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