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In case you were wondering, no, AMD hasn't managed to fsck everything up. It's still making lots of money


Re: I'd agree - but supply's been patchy

True enough.

I'd be curious to know how many older Zen 2 models, such as the 3900X, are still being produced, if any, as these are on the same 7nm process as the newer Zen 3 models. i.e. Are they still producing Zen 2 cores for the 3900X etc, or are they using up older Zen 2 stock?

Zen 2 and 3 both use 7nm, so you'd think from a money point of view, the more production lines you could switch from Zen 2 to Zen 3 production, the more money they'd make (high premium on the new more in demand parts etc).

Not that any of that makes any difference to me currently anyway, I've got a 3800X atm, and quite happy with that for my use-case (mostly gaming on my personal PC, I work on a company provided laptop).

My next upgrade will likely be a GFX card, but my overpriced 2080 from early 2019 (before the Super versions came out), will do fine for now. I'm not a frame rate snob, or competitive gamer, and the card hits we'll above 60fps on Ultra settings in most modern games anyway. So I'll probably give it another year at least, before I even start looking at replacing it, and even then only if stock is in, and GFX cards are closer to more normal prices!

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