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It doesn't really matter how many of us gripe about Google, nothing can stop it printing billions of dollars

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Bad. From wherever you look at it.

... beyond our perception of reality and scrutiny of society.

Hmm ...

Not a good sign, not at all.

Some time around 2010 (?) I read an interesting albeit disturbing paper about European government concerns with respect to the amount of money certain sectors of society were amassing at an exponential rate and as there was not much else to do with it, simply buying anything that was on the market while puting the idea of governance itself at risk.

Needless to say, it is quite obvious that world hunger, inequality or climate change was not in their agenda as was funding political groups that happily (for their slice of the pie) upheld the status quo so that this power <-> money <-> power merry-go-round would keep running.

It's 2021 and it would seem that the situation has deteriorated considerably.

ie: now it is not cartain sectors of society, now we are looking at mammoth corporations that wield the monetary power of a small/medium size nation.

This is going to get much worse before the world reacts.

The world has had the bloodiest wars waged for much less, more than once.

Intesting times indeed.


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