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Mask unlock

It also brought Mask FaceID unlock - which deactivates FaceID completely, if it sees a mask and you Apple Watch is in the vicinity.

After Jake Moore at eSet said his 8yo daughter could open the phone with a mask on, Davey Winder (Forbes) tested it as well and, with him upstairs, at the other end of the house, his wife could still open his iPhone, when wearing a mask. On at least one occasion, the vibration warning to inform the Watch wearer that the phone has been unlocked didn't go off / wasn't noticeable.

This is a boon for iPhone + Watch users having problems unlocking with masks on, but they should be aware that FaceID just recognizes a mask and gives up all attempts at identification and the phone just checks to see if the watch is within shouting distance (100M on a good day).

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