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It doesn't really matter how many of us gripe about Google, nothing can stop it printing billions of dollars

RM Myers

"As we look ahead to the rest of 2021,

four big themes continue to guide us," said Pichai. "First, building and providing the most helpful products and services that allow us to scrape every morsel of private information we can get from users . Second, continuing to earn the trust of our users by investing in high quality information and keeping users' data safe and private so only we can sell it to the advertisers. Third, strong execution as a company, particularly as we start to reopen our offices and fire any employees who question are ethics. And forth, building sustainable value in our own business and for our partners , or at least the partners that our bots don't kick out of the play store or off Youtube without any explanation ."

There, I fixed that for Mr. Pichai.

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