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Washington DC police force confirms data breach after ransomware upstart Babuk posts trophies to Tor blog

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Move along, nothing to see here

Just another case of an organisation enjoying the fruits of modern technology without paying for its cost of ownership

I'm almost getting bored of this ransomware nugget.

You know, cars are dangerous. We force people to pass a test and have a license before allowing them into the public domain

You know, computers are dangerous too, yet we allow any old cunt with podgy fingers use them, where their ignorance and stupidity can cause harm

A bit like someone in a car killing someone else, because they didnt know what the brake pedal was for

A bit like someone using an email client and responding to people in their spam folder, because they didn't understand the spam folder

What's the answer here? Pay CEO's or similar more money perhaps? They're ultimatey the ones leading here. Let these talented individuals on silly money, sort it out.

I don't know about many other IT peeps here, but how often do you have your authority overridden by some cunt upstairs?

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