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Maybe high-speed internet is infrastructure after all, say US Republicans in proposal to spend $65bn over five years

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Re: Traditional infrastructure is all well and good but...

"Centrists need to get off their lame high horse and pick a side."

There are no "sides". Politics is a broad spectrum. Just because the US is currently gripped in strict "Left" V "Right" doesn't preclude a "Centre" and some variations not as far "Left" or "Right" as you are saying are the "sides" we must choose.

FWIW, from outside, the Dems are centre-right and the Reps are very-right by the standards of much of the rest of the democratic world. There is no "Left" in the US with any political power. Half a century of "Reds under the bed" and using terms like socialist and liberal as insults have seen to that. All that's left is Right and More Right.

"If you cannot see the difference you are choosing wilful ignorance"

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