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Rob Davis

Microsoft Windows will have a Linux kernel I reckon

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has said that Microsoft Windows will be running on a Linux Kernel at some point.

This news release to me seems it can only help gradual moves in that direction. Also with WSL2 and what Microsoft are doing in the cloud with Azure, running Linux there.

There will be reverse compatibility with apps written on Windows, to support the NT kernel.

It makes for a compelling offering from Microsoft, by having the Linux kernel at the centre rather than as it is with WSL2 now though the work that's gone into that seems to me to be very good having used it.

All this alongside Visual Studio Code, github and LinkedIn.

Android has been using Linux kernel for years. Did that mean Google embraced, exstinguished etc Linux? Answer - no - well I don't think so. So why would Microsoft?

And for a future ARM based Windows based around the Linux Kernel, that could mean being able to run Android Apps natively. This would help respond to Apple's M1 platform being able to run iOS apps. With Windows already a touch screen supporting OS, they might have the edge here.

I actively work with Windows, Mac, and Linux and enjoy the strengths of all platforms and want to see them thrive. Competition is good and I am excited about what I've speculated on above.

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