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Musings of an old git (not the Linux variety of git).

I've read Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing blog for years and years - he's clearly someone who knows a lot about Windows, and way more than I knew even when I knew a lot about Windows, and has written many great and informative articles.

But his recent articles on C++ co-routines, whilst being as pithy as ever, just seems pointless; like writing about a new algorithm for optimal deckchair placement whilst everyone else is sitting in the lifeboats waiting to get the hell away from the sinking ship. Once, everyone who developed for Windows would use this stuff; now, everyone who isn't pure server side is pasting teh codez from stack overflow and reinventing yet another menu framework that requires pixel level selection accuracy or yet another web/app/io framework that is written in the scripting language du jour and runs slowly and buggily in it too. I mean, Python asyncio - one of the more recent new greatest things - apart form having an implementation so ugly even its mother would keep the lights off - is using exactly the same event model as Windows/386 used.

Software development is getting deeply dull; a vanishingly small audience write, need, use or understand the clever stuff, and for the rest - the ones who haven't much of a clue: well, web "development", Apple watches with dirty straps, beards and beard oil seems to be the future.

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