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Brit Salesforce exec Gavin Patterson becomes transfer target for controversial European Super League



"It's interesting to see Boris Johnson vowing to fight this."

BoJo needs to retain the "red wall" of voters gained at the last he has to do something "popular", after the UK Govts shambolic attempt to control the pandemic, leading to 120,000+ deaths.

Plus spaffing £2.5m on a broadcast quality update of 9 Downing Street, so as to hold press conferences, and now being found out to have tried to "fix" James Dysons request to minimise tax breaks for employees coming to UK to make ventilators for the NHS.

And let's not even mention the large sum spent on updating the PMs flat in 11 Downing Street, just a few years after the Camerons also re-furnished it - both at tax-payers expense...

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