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Indeed....the back-pedalling has already begun with all sorts of owners spouting "apologies" and "we made a mistake"...

If they had actually asked the fans (maybe the supporters groups) in advance, they would have seen the amount of negative criticism they would get and they could have saved a lot of "face" by not getting involved to begin with.

BUT, with 3 American owners (of Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd) and backed by the American JP Morgan Chase (who were bankrolling the initial plans), this was always about MONEY and bypassing UEFA and the PL and FA by negotiating directly with broadcasters and taking all the extra wonga for themselves.

But the Big 6 English teams have now pulled out and it leaves the remaining 6 to ponder how they are going to get more money to ensure that can keep on paying out huge amounts on players transfer fees and well as getting themselves out of debt (due to Covid as well as poor management alledgedly ).

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