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What next for Visual Studio? Microsoft's monster IDE can't please everyone and 64-bit will not solve legacy problems

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I just want something that's easy to use, does NOT look "all 2D FLATTY FLATSO", doesn't require excessive "mousie clickie" operations that mean removing my fingers from home row a BOZILLIAN TIMES to get ANYTHING done, and so on.

I also don't want something written in JAVA SCRIPT. Kludgy bad performance and bloatware NodeJS to run it... ew. Just because "you can do it in javaScript" does NOT mean you should actually TRY it. I could write it in BF myself, given enough time. I doubt that would be easy to maintain [but if written by ME, it would be efficient and functional].

I really liked DevStudio 97. I had to run it for a long time to maintain a 16-bit application written in the 90's. The dialog editor was SO MUCH BETTER than ANYTHING that I've seen since then, especially because THE HOT KEYS WERE EASY TO USE. Translation: you could keep your fingers on the keyboard THE ENTIRE TIME you edited a dialog box, even when moving controls around - that's right, you could use the tab and arrow keys to do that.

Mousie/Clickie is ALSO imprecise. Too easy to be "off by one pixel" or struggle with the size grabber or the move grabber. PRODUCTIVITY DEMANDS THE WAY IT USED TO BE!!!

So while Micros~1 is off doing their own thing with "new shiny and now, 64 bit!", the basic "usability" features of the IDE (probably) still stink. It's a fair bet, yeah.

And I do _NOT_ want "crazy new flavor of the week" to be the core of any new application I write. How about C++ with MFC for windows applications? And not a BLOATED MFC either, but an MFC that is tight, tiny, and efficient, and does NOT require hauling shared components around to use it.

(I normallty static link which fixes some of this, but MFC used to compile to EXEs that were about 120kb in size, not 500kb or larger, with NO clear benefit to the extra bloat. Bandwidth costs money, you know)

The thing is, you've got the OLDER VERSION, which was simpler and PROBABLY more efficient on CPU and resources. A typist could keep his fingers on the keyboard the ENTIRE TIME. THAT is PRODUCTIVITY. And it had the much nicer 3D Skeuomorphic look to it. And it used simple "Makefile" builds at the core (ok using nmake but still).

SO, HOW ABOUT THE SAME *KIND* OF THING FOR LINUX ??? I'd _LOVE_ to have Visual Studio '97 for Linux, especially if it integrated with the autotools AND github support.

But no bloat, please.

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