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What the FLoC? Browser makers queue up to decry Google's latest ad-targeting initiative as invasive tracking

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yeah about those cohorts - I didn't see how the cohort you belong to is determined, nor whether they analyze whether your click behavior differs from the others, so that you might be "switched" to a different one that more closely aligns with your specific online behavior.

And ANOTHER possibility: If there just happen to be 5 billion cohorts, each with a member of one... well I guess that's the same as a TRACKING ID now!

I can see the possibility of "cohort membership" being shifted around, based on AI analyzed online behavior patterns, such that you eventually end up in a cohort where everyone else is pretty much the same as you, for tracking and advertising purposes.

Then it doesn't matter about privacy at all - it becomes "group" behavior for all of the tracking and manipulation and anything else that goes along with it. But they don't "know" it's "you" specifically... after all they no longer NEED to. So they CIRCUMVENT the GDPR and other regulations that prevent them from DIRECTLY tracking, but conveniently they can do GROUP BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS. Except now, you've been "analyzed" into being a member of a group of people that is very similar to you, and all privacy protections are now (effectively) OFF.

And not even the best anonymized Tor-capable "purge cache and history on exit" browser [as long as it supports "cohorts" in any way] would prevent you from being TRACKED.

If _I_ can see how to do this, SO CAN THEY.

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