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I'm only half joking when I argue that most of Africa is considerably more advanced when it comes to banking than the US – perhaps that's why he moved to the US in the first place, its much harder to scam Nigeria's fully mobile banking system ;-).

My father in law lives in the US and the fastest and cheapest way to move money between his own two accounts at two different banks is to go to the teller of one bank, take out cash from his own account at Bank A, drive (this is the US after all) the 30 metres to the other bank branch across the road and deposit it there into his own account at Bank B. That's the fastest and cheapest. It's insane.

A friend of mine runs a software company in Europe that regularly sells to some fairly big American organisations (municipal or state government for instance) and they pay his company with, I kid you not, paper checks. You just receive a check for 1.2 million USD in the post. In an envelope. Made from dead trees.

When I had some dealings with US suppliers three years ago I had to navigate the American byzantine red tape mountain and connect my all-in-one printer/scanner/fax to a phone line as vital parts of some processes could only be done via fax. Only during American business hours as the person on the other side had to be right next to the fax machine to receive it. In the 21st century.

I believe this is also why it's so often Americans who go on about the benefit of cryptocurrency for person-to-person transactions as in the US paying only one dollar and only waiting 20 minutes for a transaction is the stuff of science fiction. Here in Europe I can transfer money, for free, between accounts (even in different countries) and it takes seconds. It takes longer to close one banking app and open the other than it takes for the money to be transferred between the two banks. For me cryptocurrencies are not competitive for this use case, for Americans they are.

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