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Re: "Your not telling me that Cashiers Cheques (Checks) can be cashed in for thousand of dollars on presentation of a fake passport and ID?"

Yup, that's exactly how it is. Money gets credited to your account immediately. This is essentially a measure of consumer protection, so that poor souls that are waiting for a paycheck get access to their funds immediately and don't have to wait for the banking system to clear the check. That will happen behind the scenes, and then the sender can claw their money back after up to 6 weeks.

A lot of advance fee fraud schemes depend on this delay. Scammers send you a check for $$$, you can cash it and see $$$ in your account immediately. Then you wire $$ back to the scammers using Western Union, -- where the money is gone for good right away -- and a few weeks later the bank takes all of the $$$ back because the check was bad.

To cash a check, you need to open a bank account first, and the bank will check your identity. There's a good amount of traceability, and you will likely be found if you cash a fraudulent check. That's why other Nigerian princes use money mules as go-betweens.

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