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by now we should all know that a lot of what's presented is not to be trusted.

I was musing on this the other day. We regularly get reports in the media of people being defrauded. We also get regular warnings to keep our personal data safe. We rarely seem to get anything that closes the loop between the two - or if we do, I've missed it.

It's all very well that '...we [Reg readers] should all know...' but most of my family roll their eyes or glaze over when I try to explain why it's a problem if F-Book has leaked their telephone number or whatever.

I get it that banks (for example) want people to trust their phone apps. It's a trade-off: fewer bank staff but a bit more fraud. Its not in their interest for people to realise that installing the bank app is a risk because the bank does not control what else is on their phone/pocket computer.

So, where are the engaging media stories that show how multiple bits of personal information gathered from their own or other people's 'social' media snippets, photos, discarded documents or whatever can be assembled into a weapon to be used against them? Or is it that these sorts of events are so much more rare than my paranoia has me believe?

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