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Looked at them, then dismissed it.

Not saying it's a poor product, LOOKS great but we found the marketing / sales staff unhelpful. They wanted to put a device on our network to analyse traffic THEN give us a quote - sorry not interested.

They genuinely didn't get why a public sector organisation dealing with highly sensitive information would want more detail on what the product would do, how much it would cost etc before spending time/resources for a pilot.

I explained this repeatedly to various sales staff (seemed to have a lot of turn over at the time) and each time got the same canned answer around "it's best if we can look at the quantity of traffic etc etc before quoting" so I'd ask for a very rough estimate, hell even a guess - always difficult to get any sort of even vague answer from them.

I don't see how anyone ends up with the product with this sort of tactic being used unless the execs are being greased.

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