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The Cambridge University mathematicians founding bit could be entirely [citation needed]? Copied around from article to article and not challenged because it sounds good..

Some of the HP/Autonomy guys founded it. Several of them do have decent degrees in maths just not from Cambridge - Poppy included, though I cannot tell you whether she took the topology modules, and she appears wearing slips-on mostly. They located it in Cambridge and apparently recruited at least some Cambridge Uni students but I can't find who. It'd be interesting to know whether the genesis of the software is in some interesting research group's publications or whether they're mostly grabbing recent comp sci graduates and having them take their deep learning textbooks back off the shelf (and then code something that looks like an 80s expert system?).

I'm sceptical of everything AI having burned through my own hype for it years ago and seen it too often used as a blank slate for drawing unfulfillable fantasies on. But that's not to say whatever this company is doing is useless. They do have some really nifty graphics. If all they achieve is gamifying network security and making spotting intruders fun then that'll be a win on it's own.

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