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United States' plan to beat China includes dominating tech standards groups – especially for 5G

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"Plan [...] includes dominating tech standards groups"

Politicisation has never improved standards - quite the reverse.

NIST has to date proved an excellent standards body, primarily because its output is based on objective expertise. On the other hand two successive federal "cyber security initiatives" I've participated in (driven by presidential executive orders under Bush and Obama) yielded absolutely bugger all concrete results, despite in the latter case being overseen by NIST. Inevitably the politics dominated both exercises, reducing them to opinion seeking from the self selected, followed by generation of official reports, stuffed with generalisations of the bleeding obvious, that were shelved by the readership in short order.

What's really needed (and desperately needed) is for everyone to work together towards whatever the common objective is, not to encourage competition among participants. Unfortunately, politics is still dominated by conflict. We should have learned in the almost 2M years we've been around that it doesn't work, but apparently we haven't.

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