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Many 5G patents are owned by a motley bunch

and a good number are just patent trolls.

There is almost nothing that the US Gubbermint can do to stop China (or their representatives) from buying a few dozen of the NPE's (lawyers mostly) and holding the world to ransom.

Those companies (many based in East and West Texas because of their corrupt judiciary) are often one lawyer and a dog in an office somewhere like Waco. They exist just to sue other companies for patent violation. They are not really interested in licensing although they have to say that. Those scumbag lawyers get off on taking big companies to court in a place where their friends are the majority the jury and the judge is a pal from the country club.

I was in East Texas in 2016 and out of interest, I spent an afternoon at one of these courts. Talk about bought juries... Even as a layman, I could see how bent it was.

Hundreds of millions of $$$$ are at stake in places like this and there is nothing Washington DC or its TLA's can do to stop the Chinese from buying out the NPE's and blocking 5G deployments worldwide.

NPE == Non Producing Entity. i.e. a firm of lawyers who own the patents just so that they can litigate.

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