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Sitting idle while global chips fry: US car industry asks Biden to earmark cash for automotive semiconductors


The fine print

Before the US government hands out taxpayer money to private companies, they might want to add in some terms and conditions that state the money will only go to to plants that are in places with:

  • a reliable supply of electricity (e.g. not in Texas),
  • are not in areas that are busy sinking beneath the waves (e.g. not in Florida or coastal Texas),
  • are not on top of an earthquake fault (pick your own examples),
  • are not in drought prone areas (much of the southwestern US),
  • and aren't in areas with routine tornadoes that knock down power lines and other essential infrastructure.
  • They also need to avoid areas with poor education systems, loopy fundamentalist religious governments, and other things which would make attracting and keeping a skilled workforce difficult.

Otherwise, what's the point?

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