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Cross-platform Windows Presentation Framework, anyone? The short answer: yes. Unpacking Avalonia


all occupy about 500MB of RAM during normal operation

If only that was all they did...

Epic's game store currently burns a steady 1% CPU on my 8 core ryzen (16 logical cores). And if I switch to the store view, it burns 3-4% CPU. That does not sound too much, until you realize that it is burning about 20-25% of one core. And it is just sitting there: I'm not even using it. Starting the thing is a monumental task, but I'm guessing a lot of that is spent firing off several http requests to do whatever it needs to do. It is a far cry from Steam and perhaps the reason they have to give away a game every week to persuade punters to not jump ship.


if I need to build a desktop application

How likely is that? Enterprises seem to shy away from desktop apps in any shape or form? The lure of zero-deployment web apps is very strong. I believe our industry just took a giant step back.

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