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It's a bit more complicated

The use of some S-band frequencies for TT&C (known as Telecommand/Telemetry or TC/TM elsewhere) is pretty common -- the need to apply for special permission is not, so this is a good idea by FCC^h^h^hElon to improve operations.

But satellites can use a lot of frequencies for a lot of purposes. TC/TM is commonly only 64 kbps down/12kbps up, since the standards are old and, actually, telemetry doesn't need much. (Not including TV feeds of course).

Every other use: radar, wideband downlinks, comms links, etc etc are in the 50 to 1200 Mbps range, and hence operators usually go to X-band (10GHz) and up. Because reasons, such as usable width of bands and ITU regulations. So asking Ofcom, FCC, or others what they think is really asking what they think they can negotiate at the next ITU meetup.

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