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Bad news for automakers: That fire at the Renesas chip plant was worse than expected

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On the plus side..

.. maybe we can now get back to making cars that don't need weekly software patching?

A friend of mine has a Nissan Micra that is now 21 years old. It is only now starting to show some rust, and just passed MoT without any problems. The only thing wrong with it is that the passenger seat no longer shifts, but it's petrol and thus gets the green sticker that allows it to drive into German city centres.

Also, don't get me started on these UIs (Urinating Indicators). The only thing you do when you create an animating/urinating indicator is that you delay the perception of the second most important light signal from a vehicle ("I'm about to change direction"), which I would call a triumph of fashion over safety. Of course, there are whole generations who don't have this problem on account of not using that stick on the driving column at all, but those who do will have to use it earlier to offset the delay in invisibility. You could save yourself those chips already as far as I'm concerned.

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