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Defence Industrial Strategy suggests the UK is ready to start taking its homegrown infosec industry seriously

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Quote: "Existing military-industrial relationships (such as Team Complex Weapons, which builds missiles for the RAF and Navy) will be expanded to include the cyber security sector on similar terms, said the paper. This, we are told, will form part of a wider "Team UK" setup intended to deepen links between the Ministry of Defence, Department for International Trade, and the Home Office with the information security (or "cyber", as likes to call it) world – a move that might prick up some ears in medium-sized businesses."


Yup......."deepen links" which reduce or eliminate privacy for sixty million citizens.....who are paying for the invasion of their privacy, and who can't even find out what is being done!! Funny isn't it that the government sector is exempt from GDPR!!!

* the government is getting MORE interested in "cyber" out folks.....the STASI is being rebuilt a billion pounds at a time!!!

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