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The British Raj certainly has very many unpleasant chapters, which I agree are conveniently missing from UK textbooks.

In the same vein, you seem to be Indian educated with Indian government's history textbooks that have a similar biased narrative. I assure you very many Pakistanis do not see the partition the same way as presented to the Indian pupil. And what is going on in Kashmir, in *their* eyes, proves their point that partition was the right thing.

I suppose the atroticies committed by the Indian army there would be, in your eyes, the "British Raj". Had that not happened, perhaps even blame laid on the mughals from the 1500's.

History is done and written. What actions an independent nations takes today has to be owned. What is going on today in India presented in this article is entirely its doing.

The atrocitires of the British Raj forged leaders with virtue like Gandhi.

A fascist-in-training despot like Modi is entirely the creation of an independent India. He is willing to partition his own nation on religious lines and create civil unrest to further his power agenda. He's got people playing religious "teams" sport as if they is some worthy prize other than the vulgar my "team" "won". Principles and sportmanship be damned. Minorities be crushed and spat.

The fact is that India is no longer behaving as a secular nation - you are deflecting from this fact.

The "constitution" of the UK also allowed for slavery, the British Raj, the Iraq War, and so on. So quoting any constitution means little, less so when the people affected did not have a say.

This consitution stuff is the typical hollywood/twitterati American propoganda with bleeding heart forefathers being some holy grail of honour - Constitutions are only as good as the men and women who create them and those who choose to interpret and enforce them.

India needs to stop with the "we know what is best for the Kashmiri people". The Kashmiri people decide what is best for them.

PS: I take it you must be Hindu, as it is clear the other claims of religious dominance has struck a nerve. Which gives your bias away.

Is what India doing justifiable, were you the minority side of the equation.

No I am not Muslim or Kashmiri or Christian.

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