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America's Supremes give Facebook nothing but heartaches: Top court won't stop '$15bn wiretap' lawsuit


Be careful what you wish for.

GAFA harvested your data for profit, but incidentally empowered you to do loads of things that your government didn't want you to be able to do.

Now the Empire Strikes Back.

Celebrate all you want. I hope you like what you have left when the government takes down large chunks of the net, web 2.0 and all the things that incidentally empowered you - for the price of knowing which brand of cornflakes you ate. By then, your government will be spying on you way more than GAFA ever did. And you won't be able to dodge it without becoming a criminal, a terrorist and an enemy of the people.

You won't even be able to complain about it on here. Comments sections are vanishing from news sites around the net. This one will eventually go too.

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