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I'm left wondering...

What about DIY system builders that find the best components to do a specific job, including the ability to add more RAM at a later point to maintain system viability ("future proofing"), but then won't be able to do that because the CPU+RAM is all one unit that would require upgrading the entire package rather than just the bit (RAM) that needs the upgrade?

I mean, if I've got a 5GHz CPU that still does what I need, but I want to go from 32 to 64GB of RAM, will I end up needing to buy an entire new motherboard, CPU+RAM package, & all the newer add-on cards to go with the new motherboard "improvements" used to screw us out of our money for no damned good reason other than they can?

I don't see DIY enthusiasts scrambling to acquire the CPU+RAM over separate CPU & RAM components if it means having to buy all new hardware every time they want to upgrade.

*Hands a pint to whomever can answer this in terms we non-theoretical-electrical-engineers can understand*


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