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Tata says hello to £14.5m 1-year contract extension for UK child support system, while DWP figures out how to procure a new one

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That system is absolute rubbish. It's taken and are ready for this... 3 years, yes 3 years to finally get my CM payments right and even then I'm not sure they are. If universal credit can get real time access and work our my wage versus benefits then so should CMS. Moving from Analyst to retail and soon back to analyst has been an absolute nightmare. They base the numbers on the previous years wage unless you inform them which I did on every occasion however they still asked me to pay more than I was actually earning. In fact they told me not to pay in a letter as I offered to do the calculation myself. The fun part is getting it all corrected is not as simple as one would expect by looking at earnings for the year, no, they have to put a change through on every single change. £14.5m for a system that essentially doesn't do the job it's supposed to. Then on the other side you have people actively avoiding paying it by squirreling it through dividends which they could easily resolve by looking at filed company accounts. I want to pay towards my kids but they made it nearly impossible until now.

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