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Lord joins campaign urging UK government to reform ye olde Computer Misuse Act

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Anonymous Coward

Maybe I'm a cynic......

Quote: " It aims to rewrite the CMA to remove the threat of criminal prosecution from threat intelligence researchers."


.....but this sounds like (another) "get out of jail" card for the folks in Cheltenham.


M'lud...I was a "threat intelligence researcher" employed by <redacted>. My civil service boss <name redacted> told me to <redacted> against a Belgian telecomms company <name redacted>. And since I was working at home on this project, the plod thought I was a cyber criminal. I can corroborate that what I say is true with this material from the Guardian newspaper:



"Not Guilty"


Immediate outrage in The Sun at the "waste of public money" which "this malicious prosecution represents".

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