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I've got a particular problem. Years ago, I bought a mobile phone on a contract for one of my kids.

They're kind of wedded to the number on that contract (even though it's actually well out of contract), but it's in my name, even though they've taken over paying for it.

So we want to move the number to another contract in his name. It's proved difficult over the phone, because it seems it needs a three way call with the phone provider's call center, and we both have to prove who we are, which seems too difficult for the call center operatives to get their heads around.

One time, before the lockdown and while he was visiting, we decided that it might be better to visit the company's shop, so we both loaded ourselves up with ID, and travel to the nearest shop (~25 miles).

We walk in, and explain to the young person there what we wanted to do, and after his face paled for a few seconds, he said "No, I can't do that here, you'd be better off calling the call center."

Made me wonder what the purpose of the shop actually was.

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