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There is a difference between a fork and a downstream.

If you fork Android you must continue doing all the dev work for android forever more, you soon become out of sync and incompatible with new android and you are maintaining a huge codebase that for years has been designed to be incomplete and require proprietary services.

If you make a downstream, as people have tried before you are at the mercy of Google each time they pull a part of the OS you are relying on. Bering 100% at the mercy of the competition is not a good place to be.

I do worry that Ubuntu touch/Plasma active are developing too slow to ever be good enough. But at least if they do they will be maintained by a community that built them and understand them. Unfortunately as a frequent traveller to areas where WiFi is not a thing and 4G is the only means of communication, I rely on my phone too heavily to experiment with the OS. But then I have been in lockdown for a year, and all my funding has been cut by the AID budget reduction, so I am probably not going anywhere too sool. Maybe I should build a time machine and install Plasma active this time last year?

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