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Samsung thinks about giving the Galaxy Note refresh a miss this year as semiconductor supplies run dry


"However, the idea that removing the headphone socket on Brand X phones causes the user to buy Brand X Bluetooth headphones is flimsy at best."

No, but they'll have to use someone's brand of wireless buds, and many will go for the manufacturers' own brand first - looking at you, Apple fans, with those weird white stick things poking out of your ears. And look at the growth market that's been created by removing the headphone socket: (source Statista - "Sales of true wireless hearables (i.e. non-wired headphones) were forecast to increase by 110 million units (in 2019) and stand at 230 million units worldwide by 2020."

The Samsung Xcover Pro looks like a great option although in a different and cheaper spec range to the Note series - the original post related to what Samsung might do differently in a future Note to separate it out from its currently similarly specced high end phones.

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