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UBports community delivers 'second-largest release of Ubuntu Touch ever'

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"The thinking behind Ubuntu Touch, and a possible way out of the problem, was always convergence – the idea that one carefully designed OS can run on both mobile and desktop, and perhaps both at once via connection to a desktop display, keyboard, and mouse. It is a long-standing concept that seems to make sense, but has proved so far impossible to implement well enough to win mass appeal. "

Which is what brought anger upon Microsift for Windows 8, and also lead to MS abandoning windows phone (plus the issue with the few available apps, and the ever-changing way apps were built and how developers were treated...).

So convergence did fail then. It will still fail, because what makes sense on a small screen with touch capabilities is ugly and stupid on a regular desktop. Windwos 8 did make sense on a small-ish touch screen machine, and Windows phone was really easy and welcoming and great to use (and that's coming from a Linux user).

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