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Samsung thinks about giving the Galaxy Note refresh a miss this year as semiconductor supplies run dry


Hear what you're saying, Sampler.

I remember at the time that one of the manufacturers' explanations for non-replaceable batteries was better water resistance - but we all know the real reason is profit maximisation for the manufacturers because when the battery dies, most people will ditch the phone and replace it, especially when Apple and Samsung make it very difficult to replace the battery in the first place without damaging it. And with many millions of phones out there this does represent a mammoth negative impact on the planet.

Ditching the headphone jack - all sorts of pathetic rationales were made too for this (interfering with haptic feedback? hoho - more space for a bigger battery - oh, purlese) - but seeing how many billions Apple made from their wireless earbuds, Samsung decided they'd join that lucrative bandwagon too. There's nothing good about wireless earbuds for me - heavy and uncomfortable, easy to lose, expensive to replace, worse sound quality than cheaper wired headphones, plus they look ridiculous on a lot of people (me included). And I have some expensive wired earbuds which I'm not going to ditch and which are quite capable of distinguishing between inferior bluetooth v wired sound. And bluetooth buds in use further drain the phone battery and become non-functional when their own tiny battery charge expires. That ain't progress.

Having a couple of cheap spare batteries for my Note 4 available meant I never had to worry about long commute times (I vaguely remember those (!)), flight delays (ditto) or trailing charger wires for people to trip up over at work, and I've seen people almost come to blows arguing over who's using a charging point on a train. It's just so easy and hassle free reaching for a new battery from my shirt pocket. Similarly out hiking in the wilds. Now I have to carry a power bank that's as big as the phone, heavier and remember to charge that too. That ain't progress either.

Incidentally, my Note 4, for which few claims of water resistance were made at the time, has survived years of being used for GPS tracking on the hills in all sorts of wet weather, as well as emerging unscathed from a number of major trauma office events involving every beverage known to man, and is still going strong. If it had a sealed battery I would have had to ditch it years ago. The technology has moved on, and I simply don't accept the notion that it's not possible to have a fully waterproof phone with a replaceable battery or headphone socket.

It would be good to have a choice again, so both you and I could be happy.

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