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Samsung thinks about giving the Galaxy Note refresh a miss this year as semiconductor supplies run dry


That's not going to really happen though is it? The argument of integrating the battery is for the water resistance and given the downpour I was cycling through yesterday I'd much prefer the phone to be water proof and have to go to a service centre to replace the battery than to have to go to a service centre every time it got a soaking.

I thought I'd be annoyed at the lack of a headphone jack, but honestly, not bothered me. Barely used the one in the 8 (especially after a misfortune with some hot sauce at a restaurant ruined a bag the phone was in and gunked up both it and the USB c port, leading to spotty performance) and haven't had any problems with the 20 not having one (especially as the free galaxy buds they bundled with it being pretty good, but there's always the usb-c to 3.5mm jack that came with it too somewhere..).

As much as the eight could've had a longer life, like the 4 behind it, by being able to buy a new battery, it's not like I was never going to upgrade again and open access to a battery just isn't that much of a demand for most customers, especially now power banks are a thing, further diminishing the requirement of being able to swap one out.

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