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Samsung thinks about giving the Galaxy Note refresh a miss this year as semiconductor supplies run dry


But also, what would they do?

The S21 seems to just add Note 20 features tot he S lineup, what would they really add to the Note 20? The camera's already ridiculously over-spec'd and the chips's fast enough to do anything you want, we're already at the too much ram and storage options.

I got my Note 20 last year to update on my Note 8 and that was mostly due to the battery starting to give on the old one. I think we're long past needed a device refresh on an annual basis due to technology improvements. When I first got a phone I was upgrading every six months as there was a definite improvement and real innovations all round, that slowly dropped to a year, two, and now it's not really improvements we're looking for; I honestly can't tell the difference when my phone is on 5g or 4g for the types of data use you have on a phone, side by side photo's look the same, they're just more annoying on the Note 20 as when you try to use them programs and platforms either don't understand the codec (even though the heif is turned off for compatibility) or the filesize is above their cut-off (which is most annoying on my car-share app, Car Next Door, that you have to upload condition photos pre and post hire and they will not accept the pictures).

It almost feels like these increase in specs for the sake of looking new is a step backwards. So maybe a year or two out of the release cycle would be a good thing as device refreshes can be focused on actual improvements with usage to the user. Don't most contracts come as two years these days anyway?

As a long time Note user (first being the 4) I would be sad to see it go as I don't think there's much else on the market that's close and would be much happier with a more sporadic release than being discontinued entirely, even if that affects the cost (given it's one of the more pricey phones to start with).

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