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Chinese government yanks Alibaba’s browser from Chinese app stores

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It'll be interesting to see

How far/long this keeps up, having a government clip the powers and reach of a tech company.

Seems like the Chinese are skipping the usual long, drawn out process (see Bell/M$ anti-trust breakups) and just telling them do it or else.

Not that I'm saying a heavy handed approach is the right way, but when they're making billionaires able to influence people's choices on a local level then you have to wonder if they've gone too far (or tell us plebs that we're over whatever uncomfortable issue we want blood over this week*).

Popcorn maybe required to see how this plays out.

* I wonder if its intentional? Keep us constantly pissed off with some new cockup, that we stop hounding them over a previous one and just forget how badly we've been treated by a constant barrage of bad news?

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