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More Saucy Source for both Geese and Gander

And with particular specific and certainly quite peculiar regard to ..... something brand spanking new to excite and rejuvenate bankrupt and jaded market places and virtual spaces. ...... here's some very recent news of PM Boris Johnson clearly enough doing his wannabe Winston Churchill thing with it being imagined he's into leading UKGBNI forces and sources on a novel crusade that delivers future peace and prosperity rather than national austerity and global conflict .....

It's definitely one of those boldly going Starship Enterprise moves although not at all without its many pitfalls and disasters to negotiate and avoid at all costs in order to survive and conquer adversity and adversaries on one's merry ways.

If he and government commissioned cyber troupers* are not almightily skilled in the arts of the virtual field in which they would be dabbling there, they are prone to lose more than their shirts and the entire contents of national vaults to those who are.

And yes, that is a timely dire warning it would be foolish in extremis to stupidly dismiss and not pay heed to.

:-) * ...... I thought Dominic Cummings had that base covered already well covered. He certainly talked the talk surely correctly calling for Super-talented weirdos, an unusual set of people with different skills and backgrounds and misfits with odd skills ...... .... before he took the perp walk out of the public sector and into the extremely lucrative private and pirate networking spaces with all of their invitingly shady places to linger and lounge within.

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