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AI and IT .... Finally Getting its ACTs Together to Deliver Leading Future Goods

Google dropped out of the JEDI contract bidding so I doubt it's tied to that. .... HildyJ

Yeah, that is the abiding debilitating problem that the military minded fail to consider and thus are yet to conquer and vanquish, and which private novel enterprise finds neither attractive nor helpful in future relations, no matter how many billions are always available for supply of their needs ..... the fact that their contracts expect and reflect on one to do their bidding, which given their business is invariably always deadly destructive and eventually very quickly also self-destructive as realisations dawn on the true nature of their operations and who they really be for and why they be deemed vitally necessary against an increasing array of newly entered into the fray targets recently classified as erstwhile phantom physical enemies, is not a great place to be.

As for .... "My take is that it's a differentiator that Googs is investing in to try to catch up with AWS and Azure." ....... one imagines that given the eponymous business that Google is already long ago JEDI type master in, they would be more that likely to be racing way out ahead and leaving the likes of an AWS and Azure eating their shorts and trailing way behind them floundering and foundering in their wake, with something brand spanking new to excite and rejuvenate bankrupt and jaded market places and virtual spaces. It is not as if they don't really know what every wants and is looking for, .... nor that they aren't able to deliver it in next to no time at all too, is it?

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