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Australia, India, Japan, and USA create joint critical tech working group

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The only thing these countries have in common is that they're "not China". They're also vaguely in the same area. As for beacons of freedom and democracy.....that's a bit iffy at the moment. The news from India is not great, they appear to be going backwards socially. Japan has always been an outlier, its main and only intrerest is Japan and its history in the area -- particualrly the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" period -- mean that while the neighbors might want normal relations with it they'll still keep their spoons quite long. Australia is a small country -- its phscially huge but its not very big in either population or economy. The US desperately needs friends, especially after the recent administration (which really did nothing much except say openly what's been our subtext for years now).

It sounds like a grouping of losers to me, especially as its defined by what it is not rather than by what it is. The only way to 'deal' with China is to accept what it is and start competing with it (and stop talking down to it and generally trying anything and everything to diminish it).

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