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Secret Source Sauce .....

..... Still Remains Something of an Elusive Enigmatic Resource for Googling though? :-)

Now, if that was/is in any way good and reliable, and not totally reliant upon and also vulnerable to Google knowing better than you exactly what your business and services are all about, which surely it must be pimping/pumping and dumping with such a GCPMCS facility [Google Cloud Platform Mission Critical Services], one imagines the US Department of Defence and DARPA would be beating a clear path to their door and granting them the likes of a $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Initiative (JEDI) contract ......... :-) which for all we are likely to know, they may already have done or are currently deciding on probably doing to provide such a novelty as much help as it needs to succeed.

Such would certainly be right up DARPA's street and fully consistent with their raison d'être.

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