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Pretty much my feelings towards MS as well - I've never had much time for MS either in terms of their technical prowess or their business behaviour, but at least in the old days of Gates/Ballmer there was a level of consistency in their approach - their products were in the main workmanlike if nothing earth shattering, and got on with the job without making too many assumptions about who actually owned the PC they were being used on. And when they did do something particularly well, by god was it good - from the first time I encountered one at the tail end of 1994, an Intellimouse was the only mouse I'd be happy to see connected to any PC I had to use until I discovered the delights of Logitech rodents about a decade later.

These days they're trying, at the corporate level, to put on a veneer of huggy-feely niceness, whilst at the OS level they're making ever more presumptions about who's in charge of the PC with every update, which leads to an ever greater discrepancy between what their left and right hands are doing. When you had more native control over what your desktop environment looked like in Win3.1 than in Win10, and when the OS then didn't place arbitrary roadblocks in the way of third parties trying to provide retheming tools to allow the actual owner of the PC to set up their environment in whichever way THEY preferred it to be, rather than forcing everyone to use the environment that MS thought was best for us all, then something has gone badly wrong in the balance of power between those who merely provide the OS and those who sit in front of it for hours at a time, day in day out.

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